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Our values

  • Flexibility
  • Reactivity
  • Efficiency
  • Sense of service

Our priorities

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FULLY SATISFY the needs expressed or implied by our clients

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MANAGE our environmental commitment

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CAPITALISE on our experience to add to our know-how

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GUARANTEE a process of continuous improvement within each NORNES FACILITY SERVICES department

Statement from the management

Our company must know how to be attractive, innovative and efficient to succeed in the current economic environment and differentiate itself from its competitors. To achieve this, it offers total commitment at all levels.

We have defined a strategic corporate project that incorporates the expectations of our clients and the specificities of each stakeholder. Its implementation and success depend both on managing quality and the human and material resources required for continuous improvement, and on commitment to environmental obligations with planned objectives.

A management review enables:

  • Analysis of the discrepancies between objectives and reality
  • Audits if a malfunction reoccurs
  • Corrective actions
  • A quality policy and the setting of new objectives

Our priority is to establish a partnership with our clients, in a climate of trust, by providing them with services that meet their expectations and are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.

To do this, we need to demonstrate daily that we are in control of our processes to meet our commitments and to offer a quality service.

To correctly apply these provisions, I assume the role of representative of the management, assisted by the quality committee.


Our quality management system relies on a “process” approach which
uses a mapping system that presents the sequencing and the interactions between the identified processes.

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We distinguish between three types of process :

  • LThe “piloting” process for defining the direction of the company, the analysis and allocation of the necessary resources.
  • The “implementation” process in direct communication with the client.
  • The “support” process is essential for carrying out the service, but the client does not have to be directly involved in this.

Each process is recorded in detail on a data sheet and a pilot is appointed. The measurement and monitoring tools associated with each process are laid down in the process file.

ISO Quality Standard 9001-2015 certification

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CSR COMMITMENTS Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises

The CSR policy of Nornes is defined and taken care of by the management and is realised through specific commitments and concrete actions in each department through communication with all stakeholders.

Keen to respect the principles of sustainable development (social, environmental and economic), NORNES has put in place a global CSR policy whose main axes are

  • Overall approach: development of human capital, maintaining local community links and adapting the approach to each client
  • Social approach: organisation of a monthly staff meeting, a general e-mail for complaints, an annual medical visit and multi-ethnic recruitment
  • Environmental approach: the purchase of new-technology and hybrid vehicles to produce a low carbon footprint, courses in appropriate behaviour, incentives to use public transport or carpooling.

Environment Standard Certification

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